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Straight European Lacing

Straight european lacing – This traditional method of Straight Lacing appears to be more common in Europe. The laces run straight across on the outside and diagonally on the inside. Sometimes referred to as “Ladder Lacing”.

Lacing Technique

• Begin straight across on the outside and in through the bottom eyelets. On shoes with odd numbers of eyelet pairs, adjust so that the left end is slightly longer than the right end.

• The left end crosses diagonally on the inside, then straight across on the outside.

• The right end crosses diagonally on the inside at a steeper angle, then straight across on the outside.

• Alternate with left and right ends until lacing is completed.

Straight European Lacing


Suits dress shoes

Neat on top

Messy underneath

3% shorter ends (approx.)


• Although visually messy, the underlying zig-zag makes this lacing very tight & secure. The mess is mainly noticeable on shoes and sneakers with a wide spacing.

• Straight European Lacing is particularly suited to dress shoes such as Oxfords / Balmorals, as it allows the uppers of the shoe to come completely together in the middle without bunching or corrugation. On these shoes, the underlying zig-zag will be completely hidden.

Sports / Military Advice

Like other straight lacing methods, Straight European Lacing has an additional benefit for sporting or military use: The upper horizontal sections of shoelace can be quickly cut through with a knife or scissors in order to more easily remove a boot from a broken, sprained or otherwise injured ankle or foot.

Note that most military forces have regulations for just about everything, so I’d recommend that military personnel check before they adopt this – or any other – possible non-regulation lacing method!

Straight European Lacing

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