Want to know China shoes business of price secret? Romelu Lukaku or Roman Torres

You can buy China shoes at whatever price! You get what you pay for!
[Foreword] do not always talk about the price of good China shoes, do not always talk about quality of cheap China shoes!

Just like the world cup 2018, do you want to spend more money to buy Romelu Lukaku or less money to buy Roman Torres?

Often hearing from customers, the shoes of other shoes factory are exactly the same as

those of your shoes factory,why are yours so expensive?

Look at the picture below. Can these be the same?

Two major mistakes of current customers:

Talk about prices with high-end shoes;

Talk about quality with low-end shoes;

The same looking,

Can the content be the same?

One is art!

One is rogue!


(one) Principle of China shoes business

Sell ​​one year bad shoes, rub three years butt, and never ending complaint!

Selling good shoes for one year, then business for three years!

Quality is the best advertisement!

Quality is always proportional to price!

Do not do business too wronged, only sell to Mr.Right!

You trust me then we can make deal just after a few words;

You don’t trust me, it’s futile to even I play as a moive star to show you everything!

In 2018, leave the time for the reliable people and things!


(two) China shoes sales story!

The salesperson reports to the boss:

“There is a small company on the market,

Their price is very low, what should I do? ”

The boss asked the sales back:

“Since this company is so powerful,

Why is it always a small company? ”

Low prices usually only play the role of “spoiler” in the market.

Incompetent bungler.

During competition,

High prices are often defeated by low prices.

However, the final shoes quality tells! If there is no support for reasonable

profit, where’s the quality assurance and service!

— Dedicated to customers who tangled on prices!


(three) money boat example of China shoes business
In China, there is no doubt you can get some amazing low price shoes or products!

For example, if we make the below money boat with 100RMB to sell you at

101RMB, (you know that material cost 100RMB+workmanship+profit, we

should at least sell at 101RMB, but I guess you can find someone else will

quote you at 100RMB, even some others will quote you 98RMB, 97 RMB, …90RMB.

china shoes

china shoes


Then you can imagine what will you get later! Something that will never come

or something which made by fake or poor material!  Cause no one would like

to do business losing money to you cause he is not daddy!



(four) What make a long term shoes business and both benefits! 

For long time shoes business, there will be a group of warm old customers,

Always following you,

Help you advertise and help you introduce customers

They never grind and duzz, never compare price, never say so expensive?

Cause they understand business principle,  they know “you get what you pay

for” !

They are very clear about each penny they spent!

For these warm-hearted customer,

You are generous to us.

We will be sincerely to you!

Let’s move forwarder and make one and one milestone together!