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We are all about innovating the status quo, hard work, big goals and bold results. We believe that if you keep pushing and you keep trying you can achieve anything you want. Even the highest dreams.

We don’t like big rooms full of people. We like small groups of people that make things happen and have enough drive to take on big challenges. No matter if you are a junior or have a solid and concrete track record, we look for energy, talent and ambition.

We welcome engineers, developers, designers, marketers, skilled communicators, managers and shoe experts, who want to write the history of the shoe industry with us. Our style is fast, informal and flexible. We welcome diversity and international professionals. Our custom shoes production HQ is based in Quanzhou, but our team is distributed across different locations in Xiamen and Shanghai and we like working from remote.

Begin your new career with us, make your dream comes true.

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Careers In Range Cover


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Find positions for our HQ in Xiamen, Quanzhou.

International Trade Sales

International Trade Sales

Applicants request:

1. Female, age unlimited. Married or mother priority.
2. Have more than 1 year experience in footwear industry.
3. Better English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
4. Honest, hard-working, healthy, proactive, responsible, well compressive bearing ability, good communication and cooperation with others.
5. Good professional ethics and personal accomplishment.
6. Please indicate salary requirements in the email.
7. The salary of this position is the basic salary + business commission, pay five insurance and provident fund, 5 days paid annual leave after work over a year, good welfare and favorable treatment.

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