How to keep your shoes last longer

Usually we spent money and time to choose and order our favorable or suitable shoe. However, we don’t know to last shoe long. Now let’s recommend some effective ways to protect it.


1. To Keep Them Clean

This is especially necessary and important for leather shoes, as leather materials will become waterlogged and lose its shape.

Generally, all the shoes need is a light dust with a soft cloth or shoe brush. If you have stubborn grime clinging to the soles, use a stiffer brush to remove the dirt, and then wipe them down with a damp cloth.


2. Can’t Wash It In Washing Machine

Even though it’s easy to throw them into the washer and dryer for quick cleaning, but it can wear them faster. The washing cycle and detergent are too irritating to the material of the shoe, which may cause them to wear faster or loosen the eyelets and stitches. Therefore, scrub your shoes with your hands and do so immediately so that the dirt does not begin to accumulate to an unrecoverable level.


3.  To Fill It With Dry Papers

Filling your shoes with newspapers have several advantages, such as reducing odors, drying them if they get wet, preventing dry rot, and keeping them in shape.


  1. To Avoid Direct Sunlight

As this will make leather materials more brittle over time and will fade its color.


  1. To Change new insoles

If your shoes have a detachable insole, it’s best to rotate them with your new shoes to keep the shoes inside fresh. To clean the insole, gently wipe with a diluted tea tree solution, which can be used as a natural antibacterial agent, smelling very fragrant.


6. To Protect Your Soles Correctly

The soles are most damaging, so it is important to protect them. Although it may seem excessive, the use of a sole protector can prolong the life of the shoe.

Having your shoe repair shop Place rubber soles on your original soles will not only protect your shoes from these elements, but also give you extra traction. If your soles already look worse worn, let them reassemble instead of throwing them away.

Leather soles will wear faster, so are better suited for indoor use. Get them resoled if you want them to last longer.


7.  To Wear Your Shoes on Correctly

Many kinds of shoes can be easily slid without damaging any part of the shoe. However, some styles, especially shoes with laces, do not slide as easily as other shoes. You may damage the heel collar by forcing your shoes or by wedge your feet into your shoes with your fingers. Using a shoe puller can help your feet slide into the shoe easily and make sure to loosen the laces properly before taking off your shoes.


And so on…..