Range Cover – FAQ

What is Range Cover?

Range Cover gives people and companies the power to create their own custom shoes from scratch. Hussle free and in very short time. We take care of all production and logistics from Quanzhou, China, the most exclusive shoemaking district in the world.

Who is Range Cover for?

Range Cover is made for the shoe lovers of this world. If you like to customize shoes, you have found your place. The platform is used for multiple purposes by consumers, companies and designers. People use it to design and wear unique shoes nobody else has, special events and to make beautiful gifts. Designers use it to make custom shoes for their creative projects or enlarge their fashion collections. Companies also use it to create custom and unique items for internal use of their teams, for gifting their clients, creating awesome merchandising and for re-selling them through their channels.

How does Range Cover work?

You start by creating your own unique design, once you purchase it, it gets made by our Artisans in Quanzhou in 40 to 50 business days. We ship internationally, you can choose any delivery methods. If there are any quality problems, returns are free of charge and you benefit from our 100% satisfied policy, completely love your shoes or we will refund or replace them for free, no-questions-asked. Get more information about how our shoe creator works here.

How can I contact Range Cover?

You can contact us here. We normally respond within 24 hours. If the live chat sign is on, you can also chat with us real time.

Where is Range-Cover based?

Range-Cover  main design and production HQ is in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. We also have an additional offices in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.

Can I apply for a job at Range Cover?

Of course you can. We are always looking for great talent to join us. Contact us now.

How do I design?

Once you can choose our styles or send us the style you like. Our sales will contact you within 24 hours. If you choose the style of Range Cover, we will send you  sketches of the style you choose. You can note the color and the material you needs on the sketch. And if you have your own logo, you can attach your logo pattern in the email to us. If you need your own design, we can design or redesign your style based the pattern you send to us. We will work with you to create a fashion style for you.

What kind of shoes can i design?

You can create more then 500+ different kind of design shoes. It’s include high top and low top fashion sneakers, sport shoes and some casual shoes such as loafers, boat shoes. You can choose the styles from the product page or shoes & soles gallery. You can note the product id in the picture. And contact us with the id. We will contact you and send you the detail.

What kind of customization can I do?

You can customize colors, materials of your design and you can fully customize your logo and packaging.

How to develop a prototype sample?

Once you finish the design with us(no matter it’s our own 500+ styles,  or your design). Then you can pay for a sample fee and DHL or FEDEX freight to require a physical sample for you to check the quality. If you are satisfied with the sample, you can place the bulk orders to us. We will be pleased to help you to make your shoes business expanding quickly and earn more money! Let’s work together!   

Where and how are the custom shoes made?

Our design shoes are crafted in Quanzhou, Fujian, China, also known as the China Shoe Valley. All shoes are of the best quality and handcrafted by a network of selected China artisans. Learn more in our section dedicated to the Quanzhou manufacturing.

What kind of material are used on the shoes?

All shoes are created using high quality leather or suede, and in some cases organic canvas is offered too. Know more about the materials in our section dedicated to the Quanzhou manufacturing.

How long does it take to have the shoes made?

It takes 40-50 business days to produce and ship your shoes. And if you need an urgent order,  please tell us. We will do our best to finish it as your schedule.

How can I check the production status of my shoes?
You can check the real time status of your order through a web link send by us. We will arrange you a web link and you can check the update of the shoes status via it. You can check the detail of the link.

What size range do you provide?

We provide US, UK and EU standard sizes. As there are some difference between the different styles. You’d better contact us first.

What is Aliveshoes method of payment?

You can pay with PayPal, Western Union and T/T. Also you can place the order via Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Can I buy in small MOQ?

Yes you can buy your shoes in small moq and a good price. You need check the moq of each styles. There will be more and more small MOQ styles, and the MOQ will decrease in the future.

Can I share my shoes?

Once you have designed your shoes, you will be given your own custom shoe pattern as follow.

Can I sell my shoes?

Yes, you can purchase the shoes from us and then re-sell them in your webshop or retail store. You can use our own custom shoe page, like this one, to share your design and others can buy your shoes. We will take care of shipment and customer service. For each of your shoes that is sold, you will get 10 points. If your points reach 1000 points, you will be the VIP1. VIP1 can get a free sample from us each season. VIP2 (5000 points) can get a free design pattern each season and the rights of  VIP1. There are the detail of level, you can check it.

How does Range Cover delivery?

We delivery the sample or small quantity (less than 20 pairs) internationally via UPS, DHL and FEDEX.  The big quantity goods will be delivery by sea shipment or air express. You can choose the delivery methods by yourself. We will calculate the delivery fee for you.

How does shipping work?

The sample deliveries take between 3 to 8 business days depending on your city and country. Normally we delivery the bulk goods via the sea shipment. If you need other methods, you need tell us.

How can I track my shipment?

You can easily track your shipment from the weblink we send to you. We will update the shipment in the link.

Are there any custom taxes or fees?

 These taxes normally range between 3 to 10% of the total value – depending on the country. We just accept the FOB or CFR trade condition in normally. If you need we handle the import clearance, please tell the sales.

What if the sample’s size doesn’t fit?

As there are a little differences among different styles, we will adjust the shoe size based your feedback. We will be preasure that you can supply a shoe sample with right size from you. Or you can send us the last length of the shoes. We will remake a sample for you.

I want to send the shoes back, can I get a refund?

Yes you can get a full refund if there are some serious quality problems. Your shoes must be sent back to us within 30 days after receiving your package, pristine and not worn to qualify for a refund. Note that bulk orders do not qualify for full refunds.

How do I send the shoes back?

Just let us know and confirm your address with one of our team, the delivery company will collect your package. Hassle free. No costs on your side.