How to keep your shoes last longer

Usually we spent money and time to choose and order our favorable or suitable shoe. However, we don’t know to last shoe long. Now let’s recommend some effective ways to protect it.   1. To Keep Them Clean This is especially necessary and important for leather shoes, as leather materials will become waterlogged and lose its shape. Generally, all the shoes need is a light dust with a soft cloth or shoe brush. If you have stubborn grime clinging to the soles, use [...]


If it’s true that a man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up, then it’s their shade that first colors someone’s judgment. Mens footwear, like everything else in menswear, has grown less rigid recently – these days you can wear Oxfords with jeans and trainers with a suit. But the key to pulling either off is in color-matching; get the shade wrong and you can look like a car salesman on a night out, or like you’ve changed into [...]

Want to know China shoes business of price secret? Romelu Lukaku or Roman Torres

You can buy China shoes at whatever price! You get what you pay for! [Foreword] do not always talk about the price of good China shoes, do not always talk about quality of cheap China shoes! Just like the world cup 2018, do you want to spend more money to buy Romelu Lukaku or less money to buy Roman Torres? Often hearing from customers, the shoes of other shoes factory are exactly the same as those of your shoes factory,why are yours so expensive? Look [...]

How to distinguish sports shoes sole material and functions

Sports shoes sole material and functions to be discussed in this article Sports shoes sole have different functional effects depending on the purpose of sports use. The most important ones affect sports shoes are the application of sole and upper materials. Now we discuss the difference of physical properties of difference sport shoes sole material: Rubber: Used for a variety of sports shoes sole. Advantages: good wear resistance, non-slip, elastic, not easy to break, good softness, good stretch, stable shrinkage, good hardness, good [...]

Straight European Lacing | China Shoe Factory

Straight European Lacing Straight european lacing – This traditional method of Straight Lacing appears to be more common in Europe. The laces run straight across on the outside and diagonally on the inside. Sometimes referred to as “Ladder Lacing”. Lacing Technique • Begin straight across on the outside and in through the bottom eyelets. On shoes with odd numbers of eyelet pairs, adjust so that the left end is slightly longer than the right end. • The left end crosses diagonally on the [...]

Gap Lacing | China Shoe Manufacturer

Gap Lacing Gap Lacing – This simple variation of Criss Cross Lacing skips a crossover to create a gap in the middle of the lacing, either to bypass a sensitive area on the instep or to increase ankle flexibility. Lacing Technique • Begin straight across on the inside and out through the bottom eyelets. • At each eyelet pair, cross the ends, feeding under the sides and out through the next higher set of eyelets. Repeat until the ends are below [...]

Shoe Pattern Make | China Shoe Factory

Shoe Pattern Shoe pattern will be finish before the sample make. Once the shoe design is completed, the factory Pattern Maker or Pattern Master takes over.  The Pattern Master transfers the designer’s side proile, heel, and vamp drawings to “Shell” patterns of the shoe. The shell is the blank, lat pattern matched to the surface of the last.  Once the shoe design is transferred onto the shell, the Pattern Master has the actual shape of each pattern part. The Pattern Masters’ skill [...]

Shoe Development | China Shoe Factory

Shoe Development Shoe development need many work with the designer. Once the design concept has been selected and reined it is time to turn the drawings into a new sneaker.  This is when the Footwear Developer joins the Designer to move the project forward. The Developer is an experienced technician that will transform the drawings into instructions for the factory.  The development phase starts with a drawing and ends months later with a sample in the salesman’s hands. The Tech Pack Together, the [...]

Over Under Lacing By Range Cover

Over Under Lacing Over under lacing reduces friction, making the lacing easier to tighten and loosen plus reducing wear and tear. The laces alternate between crossing Over and Under. Lacing Technique • For even numbers of eyelet pairs, begin straight across on the outside and in through the bottom eyelets. • For odd numbers of eyelet pairs, begin straight across on the inside and out through the bottom eyelets. • At each eyelet pair, alternate between crossing over (on the outside) and in through [...]

Shoes Lacing Methods – 51 Different Ways To Lace Shoes

Shoes Lacing Methods Mathematics tells us that there are more than 2 Trillion ways of feeding a lace through the six pairs of eyelets on an average shoe. This section presents a fairly extensive selection of 51 shoe lacing tutorials. They include traditional and alternative lacing methods that are either widely used, have a particular feature or benefit, or that I just like the look of. 51 Different Ways To Lace Shoes 01 Criss Cross Lacing This is probably the most common method of lacing [...]